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What is the most economical type of boiler you can buy?

Combi BoilersWith the advances in modern technology you can now find contemporary boilers that boast highly efficient sophisticated systems. The boiler you require for your household will depend upon many factors including the property type and your lifestyle. Each type of boiler has its own particular advantages and it is best to consider which will best suit the requirements of the household. The boiler itself is in place to heat the water and to distribute it through to the connected system and radiators via a heating pump and other systems which may be in place dependent upon the type of boiler you choose to install. If you have an old boiler, replacing it with a efficient condensing boiler can noticeably reduce your energy bills with immediate effect. There are 3 types of boiler that are frequently installed within British households.

Combi (Combination) boilers are very effective at providing an instantaneous water heating solution and is a popular option for many homeowners. Combi boilers are in fact very economical to run because they don’t require the use of an external hot water cylinder or tank. They are great solutions for smaller properties too, creating more space within the home and properties where it is not actually possible to have a water storage tank. Combi boilers are compact and highly efficient because no heat is lost through a hot water cylinder. Other benefits include excellent water pressure through all outputs as the hot water runs through at mains pressure. Another bonus with opting for a combi boiler is that the installation process is quite simple with no pipes or connections to water tanks or hot water cylinders the combi boiler has a significantly shortened installation time, cutting costs right from the start. The combi boiler is a fantastic economical and compact solution for smaller homes, where space is valuable and instant hot water is required.

If you have a more spacious home or you already have a hot water cylinder in place, you might consider choosing a system boiler. System boilers rely on a hot water cylinder which is usually stored within the airing cupboard and there is no requirement for a water tank within the loft space. System boilers are great for families and homes with multiple bathrooms as more than one hot water output may be used at the same time. In comparison to combi boilers, system boilers have to take time to heat the water up so your hot water is not instant and once the cylinder has run out of water you will have to wait for it to reheat again. System boilers are condensing boilers and coupled with functional heating controls you  can save on your utility bills if you update your system fully.  Complimenting your central heating system with economic heating controls can also help by managing the temperature and programming heating patterns.

Open vent boilers provide hot water and central heating from the boiler via a hot water cylinder and a water storage tank in the loft. This is an affordable, economical option if you already have a water tank and cylinder in place and you literally require a new economical boiler to replace your old one. These types of boiler benefit from a high flow rate and are great if you want to run hot water from various sources at the same time. This is ideal for larger households with more than 2 occupants or multiple bathrooms however if the cylinder runs out of water you must wait for it to reheat again and this can take a little time and may not be ideal for a professional fast-paced household. Economically it is quite in-expensive to replace your open vent boiler system but you must have the loft space. The water pressure might not be as strong as combi or system boilers and you will only have drinkable water from one source, this is because a storage system is used.

All new modern boilers must now be high-efficiency boilers. This means they capture the heat that is normally lost by conventional or traditional boilers, reusing the heat within the system making them extremely economical and as efficient as possible. This means you can keep utility bills low and if you couple your system with reliable, innovative heating controls you will gain full management of the whole heating system and you can customise all elements in order to make your household as cost-effective and energy efficient as possible. 

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